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Publications by Gail Fitch have captured Hartland horses, horse-and-rider sets, and company history for more than 30 years.

                                        A quality brand of models / toys / figurines

is the brand name of decorative, plastic products that originated in the 1940s with Hartland Plastics, Inc.,  of Hartland, Wisconsin. It is most famous for its high-quality model horses, horse-and-rider sets,  and ballplayer figurines. After the 1960s, the brand continued under other ownership.

Hartland ranks second only to Breyer in the quantity of rigid-plastic model horses produced since the 1940s. Breyer's first horse was a copy of a 1940s Hartland horse! In the 1950s, Hartland produced horse-and-rider sets in the likeness of dozens of TV western and historical heroes. In the 1960s, it issued individual horses and horse families. Later Hartland companies released some of the horse models in additional colors, but few of the rider sets. Hartland is complicated because six different companies have made Hartland horses over a period of seven decades!

In quality, some collectors rank Hartland first. Its main horse sculptor actually won awards -- in national contests. Hartland's technical processes were different from others' and allowed a finer level of sculpted detail to be reproduced. Many collectors prefer Hartland's typical light-gloss or semi-gloss finishes over the matte finishes common to most other brands of horses.  As one collector (T.H.) said, "They're prettier." And, for horse-and-rider sets, no company comes close.

                           Books:   Three Hartland books from Schiffer Publishing

Learn about this important brand of beautifully painted and sculpted horses -- and riders -- in the treasury of three Hartland books by Gail Fitch, from Schiffer Publishing -- with color photos, history, and values! Each book covers different models!

Hartland Horsemen (1999)
Horse-and-rider sets, 1940s -- 1999.

Hartland Horses and Dogs (2000)
Horses and dogs, 1950s -- 2000. Includes the detailed story of the Hartland companies, 1930s -- 2000.

Hartland Horses: New Model Horses Since 2000 (2012)
Horses and horse-and-rider items produced or sold in 2000-2007. Includes regular-run, special run, and gift-run (contest) models, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans sets, and many unique, test models!           


         "A fabulous book"                                      "Visually arresting"


          "The elite model horse"                           Model Equestrian magazine,
                                                                                                Spring 2015

Buy from the author -- The three Hartland books published by Schiffer are available from booksellers everywhere, but you can still buy them from the author.  Gail (1) will sign and number each book, (2) can write, "To  ----" [fill in the name], and (3) will enclose a quick index- outline-update sheet.                                              
Prices --
Each book is  $30 by PayPal or $28.50 by personal check or money order.
Prices include shipping.
Two books shipped together are $58 by PayPal or $55 by check or money order.

                                               Model Equestrian: A printed magazine

Once or twice per year, Gail publishes a magazine for horse lovers and collectors. The latest issue came out February 25, 2015. You can order it and other back issues.   Send an email to gfitch@tds.net to be notified of the next issue.

Model Equestrian: Horse Collecting & Hartland News,
Spring 2015 (above, right) is 44 pages with two interior pages in full color. Topics are news, history, and food for thought for model horse hobbyists, Hartland collectors, TV western fans, and horse lovers. 
The next issue is planned for later in 2017.

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                 Issue 17

Above -- The August 2013 issue of
MODEL EQUESTRIAN: Horse Collecting & Hartland News
, Issue 17, was published August 15, 2013. It is 28 pages, two in color.
See Catalog and Order Form pages.

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                                         About the author

In 1980, Gail Fitch began locating and interviewing Hartland officials. The result was Hartland books -- in color -- many editions from 1983-1998. She also wrote articles for newspapers, collecting magazines, and model horse journals, and produced a popular Hartland newsletter in 1994-1996. Her 1998 and earlier publications are retired because they have been replaced by the much better books from Schiffer Publishing!


ebay photo

The Hummel figurine, "Making New Friends," includes a boy with a snowman that is holding a broom made apparently of straw or some other natural material. The broom is not porcelain. It is removable. This figurine was at auction on eBay. In my photo there, I forgot to include the broom. I added this photo here on June 29, 2013, because eBay's software would not let us add a photo after bidding had started.

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