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The sales on this page are by various individuals.
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Wisconsin Collector Has Breyers and Peter Stone Horses For Sale

Joleen Jastrow
Oak Creek, Wisconsin
(414) 762 0531

Please contact me with any questions:

I do not have any of the original boxes the models came in.


(1) Lady Phase model Stock horse treasure hunt Wedgewood Blue collector edition
Mint $100.00.

(2) 702 Goffert black (new friesian) mint $35.00

(3) 959 Gem Twist Monte chestnut with star green and orange ribbons mint $25.00

(4) 41054 JC Penney 3-pc set with Stallion (Zippo Pine Bar) in black appaloosa,
Mare (Strapless) in black with white blanket,
and Foal (Morgan) in black with white blanket mint - $100.00

(5) SR 701902 Zippo Pine Bar Shakapee matte grey blanket appaloosa dark grey
points blaze Mid States 2500 produced mint $35.00 - SOLD

(6) 530 Farrier Jake with black smith tools mint in box $10.00

(7) 485 Friesian black mint $25.00

(8) 1999 Big Ben Breyerfest Celebration model Molakai mint horse only $50.00

(9) 977 Legionario Galant Lusitano chestnut mint $25.00

(10) 483 Big Ben chestnut belgium bred warmblood Canadian show jumper mint $30.00


(11)9647 Stone Western Pleasure Light Dun Appaloosa mint $25.00

(12) 9646 Stone Western Pleasure black mint no sleazy sleepware $25.00

(13) P019030 Stone black Pinto Pony Falcons Footnote $45.00

Listed October 18, 2009; latest revision: January 6, 2013

"Gold Coast" is sold. This customized Hartland Saddlebred by artist Peggy Guinan, first advertised on June 4, was priced at $40. See the News Page 2008-2009. Contact Peggy at:

June 4 & 7, 2009; updated July 29, 2007

Completed Sales

Norma DeLany's sale of Bonnie Meyer's Hartland horses was completed in November 2010.

Cookie Pritchard's Sale of Hartland Rider Sets and parts was finished in March 2010.
(Ten pictures were deleted 3-13-10; three pictures were archived March 17, 2009.)
To contact her anyway, email:

P.O.Box 226, Ephraim, Utah 84627



Added August 14, 2007; Copyright 2007 Buzz Setzer

Hartland Horses For Sale or Trade;
Prices are Negotiable - Added January 27, 2008

1. Jamboree light bay Arabian Foal, 15 dollars
2. Woodcut 9 inch tan 3-Gaited Saddlebred (split on chest),      10 dollars
3. Set of two: Hartland 7 inch TWH black pinto Satllion and      Foal, 25 dollars
4. TWH dapple grey Stallion, 50 made, 25 dollars.

Janet, email: PAINTCR (At)

Breyer and Hartland Arabians for Sale
Added 7-12-06


• Proud Arab Mare, glossy alabaster, leather halter
• Proud Arab Foal, glossy alabaster
• Family Arab Mare, glossy alabaster
• Family Arab Stallion, gloss. ala., repaired ear
• Family Arab Foal, glossy alabaster
• Family Arab Foal, Woodgrain, chipped ear

• Rifleman Horse, 9" series s/w bay w/ black points, mane was touched up.

• 5" series bay Arab Mare, chipped ear
• 5" series bay Arab Foal, fine

• 9" series Grazing Arabian mare, Tenite, Steven reddish chestnut color, some rubs


For Sale by Paola Groeber: Old Stock from Steven Mfg., 1980s-1990s

Chances are, the models pictured at the links below are all sold by now (October 2012),
but for answers to your questions about that,
contact Paola Groeber at:

Editor's note: This sale was announced by Paola Groeber by email on March 17 (2007) at 9:21 p.m. Central Time. It is presented here with her permission. Before noon on March 18, some of the models have already sold out, as noted.

This is a list of links showing the different models- most in show quality condition that are for sale.  They will ship from the MidWest and shipping will be calculated once we know what items you want.  These are being sold on a first come, first basis.  Payment can be made via PayPal, or money order.   Once you let me know which ones you are interested in, I'll send an invoice once we know what the shipping charges will be.  We will have to pack them first to get the weight, then shipping charges.

I will keep these available for 7 to 14 days, then the remaining ones will be placed on the group listing first, then they will go to eBay along with other sample models and bodies that are perfect for remakes.  You get first choice, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.  We will try to respond as quickly as possible to all questions and all orders will be confirmed so your model choices are reserved.  Thanks for looking these over - hope you find something you like.

1) Tennessee Walking Horse Family set.  Package sample was for the 1994 catalog.  Palomino Cream color.  I'm told there are finger prints in the paint on the models.  This set is: $4.95 for the set.

2) 1 set -Tennesee Walking Horse Family set.  Package sample is in great condition from the 1994 catalog.  Set is in the Palomino Cream color and my daughter could not see any defects on this set.  $19.95/ea

4) 2 ea - Grazing Mare in Package Sample box from 1994 catalog.  #221 Chestnut Flea Bit Rusty Grey.  Lots of little speckles on these and paint coverage looks great.  $34.95/ea

6) 1 ea - #219 Polo Pony Creamy Dun Sample Box from 1994 catalog.  Sample tag is attached to the tail and daughter reports the tag has rubbed the tail paint.  Otherwise the paint looks great on the rest of the model.  Box has 219-05 printed on it as a sample number.  This is the very first model of this Creamy Dun color.  $34.95/ea

8) SOLD OUT 1 Set - #271 Liver Chestnut Arabian Family set in Sample Box from 1994 catalog.   Sample tag is attached to the tail of the Mare.  There is paint damage though to the Mare and Stallion.  However, the foal looks fine and this is the only set that is marked as the sample used for the 1994 boxes.  I'm not sure, but I don't think any of the Hartlands were actually shipped in these new boxes so they may be one of a kind.  $9.95/set

10) 1 ea - #230 Chestnut Thoroughbred 1993-1994 in the 1994 catalog box.  Sample tag is attached to the tail so there is a rub where the tag has been attached for the past 14 years.  $34.95/ea

12) 1 ea - #224 Raven Black Arabian Stallion  1993-1994 in the 1994 sample catalog box.  Sample tag is still attached to the tail so there is most likely a rub on the tail.  Four white stockings.  This is the only "Sample" in the 1994 box.  $34.95/ea

14) 4 ea - #206 Grazing Mare in Dark Bay 1985 through 1988.  These are in their original boxes and in mint condition.  $24.95/ea

- - - - - - -
The following models were in the sample room since the early 1980's and there is a sticker label with the model number on the sample card.  On the back of the card is a short story with a name for the model - they were the first sample run of these cards.  The models are in Mint condition as these were painted with the older paint I used on the Hartland Collectables, Inc. models. 

18) 2 ea - #229 Blue Roan Polo Pony Sample Boxes - label is over the number on the card in the package.  $34.95/ea

20) 2 ea - #228 Leopard Appaloosa Polo Pony.  Dappled front and appaloosa spotted rear, beautiful models in the mid 1980's package in mint condition.  $34.95/ea

25) 2 ea - #246 Dapple Grey Arabian Stallion in mid-1980's package in mint condition.  $34.95/ea

29) 2 ea - #243 Red Roan Saddlebred in mid-1980's package in mint condition.  Model has two rear white stocks with natural color hooves.  $34.95/ea

32) 1 ea - #244 Bay Saddlebred in mid-1980's package in mint condition.  One front sock and one rear sock - same model I created and showed their people how to paint.  Mint condition.  $34.95.

35) 1 ea - #240 Chestnut Arabian Grazing Mare in mid-1980's package in mint condition.  Four white socks with one hoof a natural color.  Mint condition.  $34.95.

38) 3 ea - #249 Dapple Grey Grazing Mare in mid-1980's package in mint condition.   Four white stocks with all hoofs black in mint condition.  $34.95/ea

41) 1 ea - #245 Chestnut Arabian Stallion, 2 hind socks with natural hooves.  In mid-1980's package in mint condition.  $34.95

44) 1 ea - #227 Sandy Bay Thoroughbred, 1 hind sock with all black hooves.  In mid-1980's package in mint condition. $34.95

47) 2 ea - #248 Chestnut Pinto Rearing Mustang.  Pink muzzle, one front hoof in pink and loin area shaded in pink (the way I taught them to paint this model).  In mid-1980's package in mint condition.  $34.95/ea

50) 1 ea - #247 Red Dun Rearing Mustang.  In mid-1980's package in mint condition. $34.95.
- - - - - - - -
Champions Package - dated 1990 and collectible colored cards with the horses names/story on them.  Clear Clam shell sample packages.  All models are in mind condition, but some packages have yellowed with age.  These models were still painted with the really good paint from the mid 1980's.  Very few of these were actually shipped in the clam shell.

- - - - - - - -
53) 1 ea - #247 Flame's Dawn - Red Dun Rearing Mustang, plastic has yellowed some on this model.  $34.95

56) SOLD OUT 2 ea - #228 Joker - VERY Dappled Red Roan Appaloosa Polo Pony.  Models are mint, but package has yellowed some on both packages.  $34.95/ea.

59) SOLD OUT 1 ea - 245 "Regal Air" - Chestnut Arabian Stallion- model is MINT and package is NOT yellowed.  $34.95

62) 1 ea - 229 "Poco Go" - Blue Roan Polo Pony model is MINT, but package is yellowed.  $34.95

65) 3 ea - #248 "Bold Review" - Chestnut Pinto Mustang - model is MINT 2 packages are NOT yellowed,
1 is yellowed.  $34.95/ea

68) ONE LEFT 2 ea - #246 "Silver Wind" - Light Dapply Gray Arabian Stallion, model is MINT,
1 package is yellowed and 1 is NOT yellowed.  $34.95/ea

71) 4 ea - #226 "Char'd Bars" - Charcoal Thoroughbred Stallion, model is MINT, all packages are clear and NOT yellowed.  $34.95/ea

74) 3 ea - #224 "Fieldstone's Drive" - Bay Saddlebred, model is MINT, all packages are clear and NOT yellowed.  $34.95/ea

77) ONE LEFT 2 ea - #240 "Copper Mist" - Chestnut Arabian Mare, models are in MINT condition,
1 package is yellowed, 1 is not.  $34.95/ea.

80) SOLD OUT 1 ea - #243 "Scarlett Den" - Red Roan Saddlebred, model is in MINT condition and package is too - no yellowing.  $34.95

83) 3 ea - #227 "Carmel Oats" - Sandy Bay Thoroughbred, model is in MINT condition.  2 packages are clear and 1 is yellowed.  $34.95/ea


For Sale by Sheryl Leisure

PO Box 5008 PMB 133, Mariposa, CA 95338 (209) 742-6802 FAX: (209) 742-6803

Hartland Horses One-Of-A-Kind Test Model Sales List:

Test models are generally painted on models of non-saleable quality, so rough seams are common, but I noted them when present. All of these have at least eye whites and some have tri-colored eyes. All are marked with test number on the bottom; mold number and number of test. They were painted from the year 2000 to the present. Shipping: Please contact for actual shipping rates, either USPS Priority Mail or UPS. Average single horse weighs two pounds, Legacy Series weigh about one pound so you can calculate it on the web if you like at or I accept checks, cash and money orders. No Pay Pal or Credit cards please! Thank you!

Condition Code:
“A” Very Good condition
“B” Tiny flaws
“C” Nice color, but noticeable flaws

For color photos, please see them on my web page at

Or email me for specific photos:

         Regal Arabian (11" series) - SOLD
901-009 Dapple Black Pearl, Tri colored eyes, no white markings “A” $95.00
         Heritage Saddlebreds (9" series Five-Gaiters) -  Most of these 10 Five-Gaiters are now SOLD (as of May 2006).
I think only one is left. Contact Sheryl Leisure for details.

881-03 Dapple Chestnut, four white freehand socks, “B” tiny seam split on forehead $65.00
881-07 Copper Chestnut, no leg markings, “B” dent in cheek under paint $65.00
881-05 Dapple Brown, four white freehand socks “A” $75.00
881-021 Dapple Rose Gray, no socks, dark shading “A” $75.00
881-022 Fleabitten chestnut, black hooves “A” $75.00
881-02 Fleabitten gray, white mane and tail “A” $75.00
881-023 Pearl Gray w/white mane and tail “A” $75.00
881-01 Palomino with masked socks dated 11/9/00, “B” few tiny black marks on legs $65.00
881-04 Taffy Shaded Palomino with freehand socks, freehand star “A” $65.00
881-019 Pearl rose gray with black points, “B” slightly messy forehead seam, light pinhead rub on shoulder $65.00

          Heritage Polo Ponies (9" series)
883-05 Bay blanket Appaloosa, brown spots, star blaze mask, “B” rough spot on back seam $65.00
883-04 Golden Bay, bald face, “B” slightly rough back seam $65.00
883-03 Pale Dun with dorsal and leg barring, “B” a few tiny black marks $75.00 -  SOLD
883-01 Matte Dapple Palomino, star blaze mask, “B” a few tiny black marks, a little split at the mane seam $65.00
883-020 Yellow gold Appaloosa, gold leg and tail wraps, hand airbrushed spots,  “B” slightly rough back seam $65.00

          Heritage Thoroughbred (9" series)
873-02 Fleabit Gray “A” $75.00

          Legacy Tennessee Walking Mare (7" series) -
Sheryl has some of these mislabeled as Stallions at her web site.

684M-18 Amber Champagne Overo Paint, one freehand sock, bald face, pink nose, “B” a few tiny rubs $25.00 - SOLD
684M-12 Pale Golden Palomino Overo Paint, freehand socks, bald face, pink nose, “C” back seam is a little rough, a few      rubs $25.00
684M-13 Dapple Pearl Cremello, blue eyes, pink skin, “C” rough back seam - $25.00 - SOLD
684M-08 Dapple Palomino, “C” two small body scrapes, a few tiny black marks on left side $20.00
6845M-07 Shaded Dapple Bay “A” $35.00| - SOLD
684M-17 Buckskin, leg barring, dorsal stripe “A” $25.00 (no photo yet!) SOLD.
684M-06 Golden Palomino, freehand socks, “B” a tiny scrape on the back $25.00
684M-03 Dapple Buckskin, dorsal stripe, “B” a few tiny black marks $25.00 - SOLD

          Legacy Tennessee Walking Stallion (7" series)
684S-04 Pearl Dapple Grey, dark mane and tail, masked star, “B” slightly rough back seam $45.00 - SOLD

          Weanling Foal
6100-05 Dapple Grey, “C” seam split on back near tail $45.00

[This list was added 12-19-05 as a courtesy to Sheryl Leisure and with her permission. I updated the list on May 26, 2006. Sheryl painted these test color horses for the Hartland company. They are authentic test colors and are very well painted. Sheryl's husband, Brad Leisure, is selling some 1990s Hartland baseball items, mostly unpainted. The same phone and Fax number will reach him.
--Gail Fitch ]


1980s Special Run Breyers

July 19, 2005 -- Shannon Rogers has 2,000 model horses "crammed into a small apartment." She is selling most of the older OFs, which includes a lot of '80s special run Breyers. She said the collection is too big to put together a saleslist, so contact her about particular Breyers you may be interested in. She also has a few Hartlands. She has started her own yahoogroup -- ShamrockFarmsInc -- where she will start posting photos.
Contact Shannon Rogers at:

Shamrock Farms, Inc. - Quality Model Horses and Dogs
P.O. Box 293
Grimes, Iowa 50111
(515) 450-3615
Kindly mention that you found out at Hartland Model Equestrian


Seven Collections for Sale

7-19-05 -- This article was written in August 2004, but there are still models available. Liz Strauss' list was updated so recently as March 10, 2007.

Pam Pramuka sells vintage model horses of all kinds. See . You'll love the slogan on her home page.
Write: Pam Pramuka, 122 Sunrise Hill Rd., Norwalk, CT 06851.

Julie Ostler has been selling from her collection of Hartland and Breyer horses and Hartland rider sets on eBay over the last few months, and has more to sell. She describes condition in painstaking detail so buyers will not be surprised. I have bought models from her and her mother, Carole Schwartz, in the past. I recommend Julie's auctions. Her eBay ID is “julieduzduz.”

Cookie Pritchard has four pages of Hartland horse and rider pieces and 1960s regular Hartland horses for sale. She's selling because she needs more room. Email her at On her list, she rates condition. Most are in average (not spectacular) condition. She asks for reasonable offers.

Donna Arteaga is selling “a little bit of everything,” which includes Breyer, Stone, and Hartland horses.

Christina ( ) is selling these 9” series Hartland horses (as of August 31, 2004):
     1. Mustang woodcut, tan, 1960s, looks fine, $20.
     2. Mustang, black pinto, era and plastic not specified, looks fine, $15.
     3. Grazing Arab mare, chestnut, JCPenney 1992 SR, plastic believed to be Tenite, minor flaws, $10.
     4. Buckskin Thoroughbred, 1992 JCPenney, believed to be Tenite, minor flaws, $10. Don't like price? Make an offer.

Diana Montgomery writes, “ Due to space/room limitations, I have decided to narrow the focus of my model horse collecting, thus these Hartland horses are for sale. These are choice horses from my personal collection. SASE required; please add appropriate postage/ins. I have inspection pix for serious inquiries. I might be interested in trading for Breyers, Peter Stones, and better chinas such as Hagens, Beswicks etc. I also collect horse postcards. Send your lists! Thank you.” -- Diana Montgomery.
     ( For Diana Montgomery's address, email .)
1. SCAMMER/BLACK EMBERS Thoroughbred mare in dapple grey; Arab foal in black.  Made for Black Horse Ranch, 1990. Set #229 of 256. LSQ/Excellent. $100
2. POLO PONY Steven #219 creamy dun w/royal blue bandages, 1993-1994,  excellent.      $50
3. POLO PONY Bay made from 1964-1966, very small shoulder rub, $50
4. POLO PONY Red chestnut #218S from 1989, special run of 100 sold by Paola Groeber & Your Horse Source, 3 pinhead rubs, $70
5. 5" ARABIAN MARE Molded-in bay color from 1960s, excellent, $15
6. 5" ARABIAN FOAL Chestnut/sorrel foal from 1960s, LSQ/Excellent, $10

Below is a letter of thanks after the successful sale I conducted in 2003 of Hartland rider sets and a standing gunfighter. This seller mailed the models to me, and I took care of everything after that.

 For Sale by Liz Strauss

Dear Gail, 
Here is an updated list for you of my Hartlands for sale, for your web site. Thanks so much for posting individual's sales items there. I have digital pictures of most all of these, and can take more if necessary. My web site, for my complete list of models (and horse books) for sale, is:
Thank you!
Liz Strauss

Added October 15, 2007. All models are by Hartland.

5” Arab Mare in shaded gray with black points. Lots of rubs. This is such a nice, refined mold she would be good as a repaint project. $5

6” Standing/Walking Horse (with molded-on tack) repainted glossy white with a few dapples, silver hooves. Not at all live show quality, but there is something very appealing about the primitive paint job. Seam on back is splitting. $3

7” Thoroughbred Grazing Mare in glossy shaded bay. Excellent condition, very pretty! $10

7" Tennessee Walker Stallion, glossy palomino, vvg-excellent condition. Has a couple not-very-noticeable pinhead-sized rubs, both on the right (non-glamor) side: one at the back of the elbow; the other, low down on his barrel. He also has a couple stray flecks of black factory paint, and body color overspray on the right side of his tail. Only made for a few years in the mid-1960s, these are hard to find. $25

9” Chubby in Creamy Dun (with brown points)- Dale Evans’ mount. Excellent condition- has some hoof edge wear and small rubs on the tips of his mane. Has painted-on bridle and breastcollar. No reins or saddle. $20

9” Polo Pony in dark bay with a blaze, eyewhites, and white leg and tail wraps. Has scuffs on the high places, plus a scratch on his left barrel (plastic underneath is brown, so these things don’t show too much), and some old adhesive on the left side of his back which would probably come off if you worked at it. Seams are nice and tight. $12

9” Semi-Rearing (Horse/Rider Horse) Horse in glossy chestnut, with three white stockings, mane up version. Made approximately 1953-1963. This was the mount for Buffalo Bill, Jim Hardie, and Cheyenne. Has original reins. I think one of his owners got a little creative with him: his left hind hoof is painted black (and I believe it should be white), he has only the remnants of a white stocking of that leg (and he should have a stocking to match the other legs), and he has no blaze, but there is a tiny bit of white paint remaining on his face and nostrils. I think someone added the black hoof and removed the white stocking and blaze. Still, he’s pretty and glossy, and I had him for years before I noticed anything unusual about him. $20

9” Semi-Rearing (Horse/Rider Horse) Horse in glossy chestnut, with blaze and white stockings, mane up version. Made approximately 1953-1963. This was the mount for Buffalo Bill, Jim Hardie, and Cheyenne. Excellent condition with original reins. $40

9” Walnut Woodcut Rearing Mustang. Excellent condition. Shinier finish- looks like the Durant version. A few seams are rough, which is typical. A nice example of this version. $25

9” Arab Stallion in glossy chestnut with 3 white socks. Hartland Steven 1985 Christmas Special Run. These are made with brown (“chestnut”) plastic, so there is a minimal amount of paint over it. The front of one sock is incompletely “whited-out”. The glossy finish has some little marks in it. Styrene plastic. $24

9” Thoroughbred in bay, Hartland Steven #231, no white markings. Still sealed in “wood”-frame Hartland Steven #232. 19884-86. $30

9” Semi-Rearing Horse in Black Pinto, has reins. Still sealed in “wood”-framed clamshell packaging. Made 1984-86. $35

9” Arab Grazing Mare in dapple gray with darker head and black hooves. Hartland Steven #249, circa 1992. Made from the heavy tenite plastic. Excellent condition. Seams are rough in spots. Comes with identification card from original packaging. $30

9” Polo Pony in Blue Roan with white wraps, excellent condition. Hartland Collectables #470 Made 1988-90, and these have eyewhites.  $45

9” Five Gaiter in Black Pinto, “CJ Kaleidoscope”, a Special Run done for Cheryl Monroe in 1994. Tenite plastic, semigloss, has eyewhites and eye highlights. 200 were made. Excellent condition. $50

9” Five Gaiter in Dappled Black with white points, “Zest for Living”. Very near mint condition. Has eyewhites and eye highlights. Semi-bald face. She was a special run for an all-Hartland show in California in 1994. Marked 8/250, but in the end only 200 were made. Hand picked by me from many of them. $50

11” Quarter Horse in Pearled Sorrel with flaxen points, excellent condition. Hartland Collectables 1989 Special Run #400S. Semigloss. Pretty color! Has a pinpoint rub near right hip, plus a little hoof edge rub on her left hind hoof. $125

Hartland Horses and Dogs and Hartland Horsemen, the books by Gail Fitch, were sources for model production dates and identifications on this list.